Managing your payroll, employees, benefits and workers' compensation takes time...time that would be better spent growing your business.
Let Prosperity PEO become your HR department & pass all that work to someone else. Your employees will thank you - your clients will thank you!


What We Offer


Benefits with a PEO

  • Reduce Time on Non Revenue-Producing Activities

  • Increase Productivity & Grow Your Business

  • Decrease Administrative Costs

  • Reduce / Stabilize Workers' Compensation Costs

  • Increase Employee Retention & Morale

  • Reduce employee-related liabilities & compliance issues






Payroll Administration: Simply send us your payroll hours (via phone, fax, email or online) and we do the rest, delivering your payroll when you need it. We offer detailed reporting, direct deposit and payroll deductions. Better yet, we manage the federal tax deposits, government reporting, year end W2s...the works!


Workers' Compensation: When you work with Prosperity PEO, we assume your workers' compensation liabilities and handle all claims. Plus, we can help you stabilize your workers' comp costs and proactively assist with loss prevention. Learn more about all the benefits this affords your business!


Employee Benefits: Enjoy all the benefits of the 'big dogs' when you work with Prosperity PEO. By partnering with us, your employees have access to medical, dental and life insurance--even a 401(k)! Offering these benefits helps you attract and keep the best employees in the business.


Human Resources: Government regulations change constantly. Quit wasting resources trying to keep up with all the federal, state and local laws that govern employment today. Let Prosperity PEO become your HR department. We'll do the work to ensure that you stay in compliance--and you can use the extra time to grow your business!